Liaoning Science and Technology museum

The Industrial Cradle


For the Liao Ning Science and Technology Museum in Shenyang, NorthernLight has designed a 2200 square meter interactive exhibition called the “Industrial Cradle”. Both from a global and a local perspective, this exhibition conveys the importance of industry in today’s world.

The exhibition starts with a historic and universal perspective on the various industrial revolutions that have taken place across the globe. It is this evolution that sparked the development which feeds today’s high-tech way of life.

Interactive technology

Visitors to the “Industrial Cradle” will first interact with the technology behind the World’s factories and fabrication before taking a more local view and looking into the origin of the factories and industry in the Liao Ning province. The largest part of the exhibition is an interactive factory, which highlights the industrial achievements of today’s
Liao Ning industries through interactive models and simulators. Finally, the exhibition ends with a peek into the future, focusing on artificial intelligence and robotics.



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