Workplace of The Future

Callcenter tools with Vodafone Germany and MINGlabs


Telecommunication providers are faced with huge costs in the call center environment. Within the ‘workplace of the future’ program, MING was assigned to re-invent the intranet for Vodafone’s 1212 call center agents.


Through user research, interviews and testing, MING worked with the project team and the super user group to develop a web tool that aims to provide answers with the least amount of clicks, in a logical system. AskVodafone predicts the information need by smartly connecting the backend systems within the new architecture – resulting in a reduction of  information overload, system complexity and number of clicks.


Based on user research interviews and testing, a new concept for the interface was developed, taking into account the agents’ wishes and the restrictions of the backend systems. The tool includes a set of new features, while the design is focused on providing a pleasant user experience.



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